ASI – The Fun And Games Company

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American Sales Incentives (ASI) has been in the promotional industry for more than 30 years, and to maintain their success they are always looking for new, interesting and, yes, intrusive ways to attract customers for their customers.

They are constantly adding to the full range of game card mailers, from scratch offs to pull tabs to colorful game pieces. Recently, the company added lighted solutions using small LEDs and now ‘mail with brains’ that include a computer chip to really enhance the game experience for the recipients.

“Driving traffic is the business we are in” said Pat Talerico, CEO or ASI, “so we are always looking for new, innovative and fun ways to attract prospects for our clients.”

“They look to us for solutions” said Talerico, “the tried and true ones of course, but more and more, they are looking for technologically savvy solutions that people have never seen before. And to me, that’s the fun part of this business.”

You can learn more by contacting American Sales Incentives directly by calling Toll Free: (800) 771-4767 or visit their website at

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