ASI Mailer Gets A US Patent

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American Sales Incentives (ASI) has announced that the ASI Mailer is so unique, it’s patented. After selling many millions of their mailers they were granted a US patent in June 2017. Using their clear plastic envelope, customers will drive much higher open rates and response rates than a traditional mail piece in an envelope or printed post card.

“It’s not every day someone receives what amounts to a “gift” in their mail box, so without question, people are excited to open it.” said Pat Talerico, CEO of ASI Incentives, Inc. “That gives our customers a real strategic advantage and much higher response rates, so the envelope cost is completely offset by the open/response rate factor. Not to mention that the postal rate is considerably lower than standard postage rates – so that’s a bonus too.” said Talerico.

Also, customers can use a standard design mailer design and include one of their promotional keys, VISA or Discover Cards or design a custom reservoir, or something created just for their products or services.

You can learn more by contacting American Sales Incentives directly by calling Toll Free: (800) 771-4767 or visit their website at

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